Feelin' Swell at Mueller's Bakery

Feelin Swell at Mueller's Bakery Cartoon Surfer

This is a cartoon illustration I finished up for a client just a couple of weeks ago. Does this surfer dude look familiar? If you've seen my work before then you know this illustration is a hybrid of a surfer character I created for myself - Sonny the Surfer, and a cartoon surfer I created previously for the same client. My client had seen Sonny and liked the illustration so much he asked if he could hire me to alter it to for t-shirts he wants to sell. The t-shirts will be available for sale in February at Mueller's Bakery in Bay Head, New Jersey. If you happen to be in the area, stop in for a shirt. I hear they have great crumb cake too.

I am who I am T-shirt Design

I am who I am... your approval is not needed

I'm not really sure why, but it never occurred to me to put this design on a t-shirt. Earlier this week someone emailed me asking if she could purchase this design on a shirt as a gift for someone. I thought, "What a nice compliment and what a great idea." So up on the ole Zazzle store this design went.

You can grab a shirt here. Enjoy! And if you have something in mind that you'd like to see my cartoon illustrations on just go to my website and drop me a line, or let me know in the comments below.

Thanksgiving Day Coloring Page

Thanksgiving Day Coloring Page

Here's another Thanksgiving Day coloring page. Download it, print it out and have your kids color it in — or send your kids to school with one for everyone in their class to color. Post the finished coloring page to the Samalou Facebook page.

Use this link to print out your coloring page.

Missing You Cartoon Zombie Illustration

cartoon zombie illustration

I made this cartoon illustration for someone I miss and love. Feel free to share my zombie with someone you miss.

How do you like the "Pig Pen" dirt at the bottom? That's the Charles Shultz Peanuts influence kickin' in.

Man's Best Friend - Helen Keller Quote

Pet loss Hele Keller quote

I don't think it's possible to forget any pet you've ever loved.

I Am Who I Am Quote

Happiness Quotes

Have you always felt this way? Feel free to share the image wherever you'd like.

That Metal Show - Metal Madness T-shirt

That Metal Shirt t-shirt illustration by artist Lou Simeone

That Metal Show hosts Eddie Trunk, Don Jamieson and Jim Florentine with host Tom Morello.

Well, I had been waiting about a month for it and the big event had finally arrived - season 10, episode 7 of That Metal Show. On Saturday night, May 12th, my Metal Madness t-shirt illustration made it's debut appearance on That Metal Show. For one full hour my family and I got to watch host Don Jamieson interview guests, The Cult and Doro Pesch, all the time while wearing my Metal Madness t-shirt design - very cool.

Eddie Trunk, Don Jamieson and Jim Florentine getting gifts from Doro Pesch

Backstage with Eddie Trunk, Don Jamieson and Jim Florentine of That Metal Show

Eddie Trunk, Don Jamieson, Jim Florentine of That Metal Show with The Cult and Doro Pesch

That Metal Show has been described simply as, "A talk show for metalheads, about metalheads, by metalheads." It's a weekly show on VH1 hosted by Eddie Trunk, Don Jamieson and Jim Florentine, with new episodes airing every Saturday night at 11:00 p.m.

Don Jamieson wearing Lou Simeone's Metal Madness t-shirt design.

Don Jamieson is not only the host of That Metal Show but he is also a stand-up comedian and a stand-up guy in my opinion, for giving this artist the opportunity to show his work to an audience of millions. Thanks Don Jamieson - that was very cool of you.